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Arrangements for golf at Cottesmore when the course re-opens.

12th May 2020

Members can now book tee times online or by calling the pro-shop to play in on their own or in groups. When booking online please add “guests” to the group to make it up to 3 or 4 players to avoid double booking. 

Only 2-ball groups will be allowed before 9.00 am Monday-Friday.

As social distancing will be with us for some time to come, members will have to follow some very stringent guidelines to ensure all golfers and staff are being kept as safe as possible.

With that in mind, the following will be in place:

• Only one person in the pro shop at a time

• Flags must stay in the hole at all times

• Players must stay 2m apart throughout the round

• There will be restriction in place in the bar.

The clubhouse bar area is now open


The committee has made some proposals for competitions going forward which have been published in a separate news article.

The key point is that whilst we will try to follow the published calendar, all pairs and team competitions including Captain's Day will be cancelled so only singles comps will be arranged until further notice - please read the separate article for more details.

The committee will continue to work with the club to reintroduce competitions when possible.

While the course was closed, memberships were paused and this will come to an end on 1st June (2 months will be added to annual memberships that has been renewed before the temporary closure). Contact the membership team for details.

There are many members who will have to remain in isolation for some time but for those members hoping to get on the course over the coming days and weeks, the committee hopes you have an enjoyable time but please follow the arrangements for social distancing published by the club on Saturday 9th May and summarised above.



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