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Submitting General Play Cards

6th April 2021

Submitting General Play cards (previously “supplementary” cards)

Under the new “World Handicap System” players are encouraged to submit general play cards regularly but note that only stroke-play scores (medal and stableford) are acceptable and players must hole out unless the score would gain no stableford points anyway.
To submit a score from general play, members should register the general play round before play.
This can be done on the PSI in the proshop or online by logging in to the members website and clicking competitions/handicaps and selecting score entry from the menu.
They must play with a member, enter their score on the psi or online and then place their signed scorecard in the box outside the pro-shop as for any other scorecard.
Handicaps are updated at midnight every day and members can check for any changes of handicap in the members section or under “View Information” on the PSI system in the pro-shop.


A No. Play can be over 10 or more holes if you registered for a full round. Enter “not played” for holes not attempted. Enter 0 for holes attempted that were not completed.
If you intend to only play 9 holes you should register for a 9-hole round before play but they must all be played.
If you register for a general play round but don’t submit your score, a penalty score may be applied by the handicap committee

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